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incorrect touroperators

Three consumers rented a flat in Wien for the period of three days in May 2010 via an Austrian website. They received a confirmation by the company and the flat was booked for the required period and the price was 115 euro. When the consumers arrived at this address at the agreed date and time, there was not a representative of the company there to give them the keys of the flat and to accommodate them. When they tried to dial the contact number, they contacted an answering machine and the consumer left a voice message. About 9 o’clock in the morning one of the consumers received a phone call from a person who said that he was the owner of the company renting the flat. He said that there were people accommodating the flat at the moment and that there was a case of  double booking. 30 min later, the consumer received a phone call from another person who explained that the flat was booked until 14.30 and then the consumers could accommodate there. They were waiting at the spot until 15.30 but nobody appeared and no one answered the company’s phone. So the consumers turned out to be on the street and had to look for another hotel without having booked it in advance. They complained to ECC – Bulgaria and acting together with ECC – Austria, the amount of 115 euro was refunded to the consumers.

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