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Airbnb has committed to presenting the total price of bookings


Following the call from the European Commission and EU consumer authorities in July, Airbnb has now committed to making the necessary changes to their terms and conditions and improving the presentation of their prices.

Airbnb has committed to presenting the total price of bookings, including extra fees, such as service and cleaning charges. When it is not possible to calculate the final price in advance, they have committed to clearly informing the consumer that additional fees might apply.

In addition, Airbnb has committed to clearly identifying whether an offer is made by a private host or by a professional, as the consumer protection rules differ for each.

Clarified terms and removal of illegal terms

Airbnb has committed to a series of changes in its terms of service to bring them in line with EU consumer rules:

  •     It will be clear that consumers can use all the legal remedies available and in particular their right to sue a host in case of personal harm or other damages;
  •     Airbnb will make it clear to consumers that they are entitled to bring proceedings against Airbnb before the courts of their country of residence;
  •     Airbnb will have to inform consumers when it decides to terminate a contract or remove content and will offer to consumers the right to appeal and to compensation if appropriate.

European Commission - Press release
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